Friday, June 18, 2010

A Morning Ride

Ricky and I's 12th ride together was a breeze. Literally. We worked in the morning to avoid the rain and enjoyed the brisk winds moving through the front pasture. Because the bugs were scarce, we practiced standing and flexing a lot. Bill was grading the driveway with the Bobcat, but it didn't bother Ricky one bit. She'd make a good construction zone horse. 25 meter circles with straight trots as a reward for a good circle with plenty of roundness (comparatively).
Plenty of rein feel today, hands were steady, organized and informed. Both canter leads achieved, but on a looser rein, with little connection. Will work on picking up more of a connection at the canter and asking for rounder circles as the week progresses. Canter did not feel out of control or "rollicking" today, just a nice even gait. There were no arguments about which way to turn today and not even a glance at the gate.
She's happy. I'm happy. 

Ricky is gaining weight instead of losing it.
Hooves are starting to chip at the edges.
There was a funny little hop motion occurring every now and then at the canter to the right. I wonder if her right hoof is starting to swing out a little because its getting longer.

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