Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ride # 13 - 06/20/2010
A lesson with Tiffany. I being too heavy handed. Worked on communicating with a light rein. Worried about finding a comfortable amount of connection for both of us. Disappointed I was being heavy and didn't realize it. Canters were lose and free, both leads picked up immediately. Strong bolts toward the gate at both trot and canter and some cowboy riding to keep her turned in the right direction. Struggling to slow my seat when she trots like a maniac. Frustrated today. Things felt out of control with little or no communication. Tiffany did her best to encourage, David too. Ended the lesson learning how to put Ricky's front hoof up on my knees to rasp chips from the edges of her hooves. Sweaty backbreaking work.

Ride # 14 - 06/21/2010
A lesson with Ken Rheynard in the morning. Ricky is fresh today. Strong and powerful. Ken helped us find the connection, the magic place of compromise. Ken and I have worked together a lot in the past and he's excellent at correcting what I am doing while I am doing it..
Trotted countless circles, sponging the inside rein. Ricky was round a lot more than usual. Asking nicely. Good transitions. Strong bolt toward the gate at canter and Ken busts us and makes us work down by the gate. Hard work. Must work by the gate from now on. one step forward two steps back. Ended the day with some very nice round circles. Rode her down to the "Happy Place" in the pasture and dismounted.

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